Earphone and headset

How to select earphones and headphone

Headset come in many different shapes and prizes. From a cheap headeset you can’t expect miracles but I can give you some pointers.

  • Headset should have a sensitivity about 99 dB or higher.
  • The frequency response should be between 20Hz – 20,000Hz where 20 stands for the bass and 20000 for the high tones.

Headphones come in three main form factors: earphones, on-ear head phones and over-ear headphones.
The way you want to uses your headphone determines the form factor.

  • at the gym
  • sports
  • at home
  • daily commute

On-ear  and over-ear headphones

On-ear vs  over-ear
On-ear vs over-ear

On-ear headphones (left) sit on the ear, while over-hear headphones (right) covers the whole ear.
As you can  see on the ear is the smaller of the two. But over the ear have a better sound potential.
The bass, dynamic range and detail are supposed to better because of the bigger speakers.
On-ear and over-ear headphones are great for


  • at home
  • at the office
  • traveling
    n -ear  headphone with  wings
    In -ear headphone with wings

    in-ear headphones

Earbuds en  in-ear headphones

These headset are small and good for mobile use or during sporting. With some in ear models, you don’t hear any sounds from your surroundings. So be careful when using them in traffic.  When you want to use the the head during (outdoor) sports. I recommend you you buy a waterproof model. If you plan to go running or cycling models with wings are recommended. The wing prevents the earpiece from falling out.

You may consider version with Bluetooth, this means no wires that you have to clip on to something.  On the downside you will have charge to charge them. When choosing one pay special attention to the play time, this must be longer then your workout or daily commute.